"I  am able to do things in ways I would never have been able to do before.  I am a
stronger and more capable woman."  ----
Rose (41, mother, living a better way of life)
"This routine has actually given me results faster than anything else I have ever done.
 I feel amazing afterwards."  ----
Lauren (28, mom, Mary Kay Sales Associate)
"[Light Moves] makes exercising a spiritual experience."  ---- Leah (46, mom, dentist)
"No matter what your level of physical fitness, this video will benefit you.  There are all
different body styles and this video accommodates them all."
 ---- Jennifer (27, mother
of two)
"Fabulous DVD ... wonderful instructor ... I can't say enough great things about
this product."  ----
Cindy (40, mom, administrator)
"This video gives me energy, motivation and peace of mind." ---- Isabel (69)
"What a gift!  This has reminded me to be more self-aware and more appreciative of
who I am." ---- Beth (46, beekeeper)
"It has been a few years since I have exercised and this has made me want to get
back into it." ----
Norma (grandmother)
"Light Moves feels designed for me --- it is a pleasureable, soothing & powerful
workout."       ----
Dinah (35, homemaker, exercise enthusiast)
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"This was a wonderful experience.  And, I must say, the video is beyond my
expectations, both mentally and physically.  Well worth the money!" ----
"About eight minutes into it, it might have been when [the Reflection 'I smile
happily at life'] came up, I simply had to smile.... [Light Moves] is what my body
was meant to do."  -----
Sandy (57, business owner)
"DVD is high quality: the production, the instruction, the exercise....A+++" -----
"I like the dvd so much that I wore it out, am ordering another one...I use this as
a stretching tape, I get my cardio elsewhere, but this seems to really keep my
joints healthy...thanks!"  
----- Ilah
"I recently purchased this DVD and absolutely love it, I love everything about
it!!!  I am writing to ask if you plan on making any more workout videos or to at
least encourage you to!!!  I would love to have a whole collection of your
workouts!!!!  Your workout DVD is such a treasure and ou have such an
amazing way of teaching!!!  Thanks so much."  -----