About the Reflections*
The Reflections are positive statements designed to support your
physical well-being, relieve tension and stress, and help you
better use your own inner resources for change.  
lightly voiced Reflections are fully audible but not intrusive.  
Along with the soothing music, the
Reflections harmonize with
carefully choreographed moves to give you the transformational
power of
make the changes you want to see and feel in yourself.
Occasionally someone asks if all the
Reflections must be
believed for the powerful effects to occur.  The answer is, no ---
each person accepts or rejects, understands and interprets each
Reflection according to his or her own beliefs.  You cannot be
made to accept statements you don't believe.
. ______________________________ .
You can read all of the Light Moves Reflections
on the DVD.  But for now, we invite you to ....
Sample the Light Moves Reflections...
  • When I want to feel light and alive with life, I remember that I can
  • In this calm place, I can feel tension flowing out of my mind and out
    of my body
  • I can release old ideas and old ways that limit me
  • Filling my mind with healthy thoughts helps my body be healthy too
  • Every heartbeat moves renewed life into my body's cells
  • Breathing deeply lets me bring new life to all the tissues of my body
  • In my mind's eye, I can envision the qualities I want to experience as
    my own
  • I can see myself as healthy and strong
  • I am flexible of mind and body
  • My true self is an ageless and beautiful being, alive with life and light
*Copyright, Susan Barclay, LLC, 2005

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