The secret of Light Moves' power lies in the
combination of carefully choreographed moves,
specially designed music, and positive statements
Reflections) that use the transformative
energy of your own inner resources.
The Light Moves Transformational Exercise DVD  gives you a
35-minute Performance Segment, 2 Instructional Segments (1 each for
Standing and Floor Exercises), and much more.  You can lose yourself in the
music as entrancing melodies, set to a relaxed heart-rate tempo, promote
tension release, healing and energy renewal.*   

The Instructional Segments lead you through yoga- and Pilates-style
stretches, balance moves and strengthening exercises.  As in Tai-Chi, the
moves flow into one another like a sensuous dance.  And once you can do the
moves comfortably, the Performance Segment alone will guide your workout.  
There, you'll hear the
Reflections voiced softly but clearly in the background.  
Since your conscious mind is focused on movement, the
Reflections are mostly
heard at an
unconscious level.  This increases your power to use the positive
statements to bring about the changes you want to see and feel in yourself.

* The Light Moves music was composed by Roger Baker and performed by Roger Baker and Blain Sloane of
                                                          Eagle Rock Studios, Albuquerque, NM.
About The Creator of LIGHT MOVES
Light Moves was created by Susan Barclay (M.A.,CHt.),
a certified hypnotherapist and exercise instructor.  
Her goal was to develop a way to maximize the
benefits of exercise by engaging the power of our
minds to promote personal growth and well-being.  
For years, she has selected, refined and integrated
the three powerful elements of
Light Moves
Transformational Exercise
.  Now, she invites you to
enter this extraordinary space of flowing movement,
sensuous sound and positive thought.

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